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    Global BBA


    4 locations available
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    Program Description

    A Bachelor program that prepares you for operational management with an innovative pedagogy that combines fundamental courses, group work and internships in an international environment

    • For high school students and graduates in general or technological series.
    • A 4-year degree diploma accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education
    • 4 years.
    • Taught in French & English or Full English.
    • Saint-Etienne, Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai.

    Become the early maker of tomorrow

    Live an international experience

    In addition to the multi-campus experience, academic exchanges including double degree opportunities are another way to develop your international exposure during your Bachelor.

    Benefit from the early maker pedagogy

    Our infrastructures, our pedagogical approaches and our digital tools are designed to promote collective intelligence, to stimulate your creativity and to encourage multidisciplinarity, hybridization & cross-fertilization.

    Get ready for the jobs of tomorrow

    The Global Bachelor of Business Administration aims to prepare you for the job market of tomorrow. In a global and digital world, you will need to have multiple skills to adapt to new disruptions (digitalization, artificial intelligence, etc.) in the global economy.

    Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & International

    The Global BBA is a certified 4-year "post-baccalauréat" bachelor degree of excellence in management, designed to bring "post-baccalauréat" students to their full potential. As per Anglo-Saxon Bachelor degrees, this 4-year program is complete and ambitious, allowing to access qualified jobs and the best international double degrees. For those looking to pursue higher education, our Global Bachelor in Business Administration can be a passageway to some of the best Master degrees. Our Global BBA is more than the excellence of one of the best-renowned business schools in France and in Europe. The pedagogical approach is based on experimentation and on an openness to the world via its multi-campus tracks. Resolutely looking towards operational management, our Global BBA not only allows you to learn the fundamentals and develop skills aligned with such high academic level, but it is mostly a means to build and create by yourself academically and in companies. Your learning environment will thus be marked by this unique approach, and being a maker will open new horizons.

    Key elements

    • A multi-campus program: Saint-Etienne - Paris - Casablanca - Shanghai – partner universities.
    • Solid fundamentals in business and management with innovative pedagogy.
    • Multidisciplinary learnings thanks to regional academic partners.
    • Double degrees.
    • Up to 19 months in an internship and the possibility of dual apprenticeship.
    • High-quality management and a teaching Faculty made of experts from emlyon business school.
    • High-quality career support in a leading business school renowned for strong employability.

    Double Degrees

    In addition to international double degrees, you can take a double degree in year 3, with the W school, a school dedicated to digital content and creation, and major in “journalism, documentaries and fictions”.


    All opportunities at hand

    emlyon business school’s careers services are recognized by companies and BBA students alike for their efficient support and guidance. 98 % of our graduates sign a contract for a high-quality job within 6 months of graduation.

    • In order to orient you and prepare your employability, a full range of tools, workshops, conferences and events are made available to you. Careers training may include individual coaching and meetings with the relevant experts ready to help you reflect on your areas of interests, identify relevant opportunities, master your digital image, and market yourself to company recruiters.
    • Ranked # 34 worldwide among business & engineering schools, # 2 French business school (November 2018, The Times Higher Education, the reference compiled from the choices of international recruiters).
    • 31,000 alumni in 121 countries, 100 correspondents across all continents to support you in your international mobility.
    • Access to the online alumni directory, your resume visible to potential recruiters.

    Jobs offers and prospects upon graduation will open a wide vista of opportunities in all sectors of activity including control & finance, marketing & communication, sales & business development, international projects & negotiation, with functions such as international business coordinator, financial analyst, external auditor, business manager, area manager, marketing officer, quality manager, global purchaser…

    An alternative option after your Global BBA may be to pursue your studies. emlyon business school’s diverse offering of specialized graduate programs represents one immediate opportunity, while your 4-year Bachelor’s degree and wide-ranging experience will put many degree programs in other top institutions abroad well within your reach.

    Admissions requirements

    It is possible to enter the program at different moments, from the first, second or third year on.

    Admission to the 1st year:

    For students in their final year studying for their High School certificate, for the IB or "National Baccalauréat", or for an equivalent certificate

    Admission to the 2nd year:

    For students presently completing the 1st year of university studies (to be validated by 60 ECTS credits) or a diploma certifying one year of successful study at a higher level and issued by an official higher education institution.

    Admission to the 3rd year:

    For students presently completing the 2nd year of university studies (to be validated by 120 ECTS credits) or a diploma certifying two years of successful study at a higher level and issued by an official higher education institution.

    N.B. Students seeking to enter the program at this level (3rd -year) must have pursued studies in the field of management comparable to the contents of the first two years of the Global BBA program.

    Tuition Fees

    For 2020/2021:

    • for admission in 1st year: €11,500 per year
    • for admission in 2nd year: €12,500 per year
    • for admission in 3rd year: €13,000 per year

    Tuition fees including emlyon business school lifelong membership, administrative fees, and international mobility insurance.

    Ask us for some information and assistance on how to finance your emlyon business school Global BBA and your future return on investment.

    Last updated Dec 2020

    About the School

    Created in 1872 and based in Lyon, France, with multiple international campuses, emlyon business school is a top European business school devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and internati ... Read More

    Created in 1872 and based in Lyon, France, with multiple international campuses, emlyon business school is a top European business school devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and international management. Read less
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