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    Bachelor of Arts in International Relations


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    Program Description

    Due to the current uncertain times, we have reduced the tuition prices for the upcoming terms. We also have a flexible policy: tuition fees can be paid in installments. 


    As technology progresses and global economies become more interdependent, the world becomes smaller. Individuals interested in entering the global marketplace can benefit from a degree in International Relations. The International Relations program educates students in both international relations and international business.

    Graduates are not only knowledgeable in the fields of public, multilateral, and international affairs, but they are also able to effectively and efficiently manage an office, prepare budgets, make decisions based on financial indicators, and oversee projects from start to finish.

    The UBIS Bachelor of Arts in International Relations offers two fields of study in one degree, international relations, as well as a global business. Students will learn about world politics, foreign affairs, and international relations theory, as well as foreign area studies, international business law, international business management.

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    Program Objectives

    To prepare students in specialized international business subjects. To develop students' proficiency in information technology. 

    Program Outline

    To receive a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations degree, students must earn 240 semester credit hours._DSC9653


    Stepping Stone 1

    • English Composition I 
    • English Composition II 
    • College Math: Algebra 
    • Computer Fundamentals
    • Beginnings Foreign Language 
    • Organizational Diversity 
    • Foundations of Business 
    • Environmental Science 
    • Principles of Marketing 
    • Intermediate Foreign Language 
    • Anthropology of Education 
    • Student Success Strategies

    Stepping Stone 2

    • Ethics Introduction
    • Accounting I
    • Principles of Economics 
    • Business Mathematics 
    • Principles of Psychology 
    • Cross-Cultural Communication 
    • Global Market Competition Management
    • Research and Report Writing 
    • International Economics
    • International Political Economy

    Stepping Stone 3

    • International Relations
    • Foreign Area Studies
    • Comparative Politics
    • Social Psychology 
    • Politics I: People and Politics
    • Research and Statistical Analysis
    • The Role of Civil Society 
    • International Business Management 
    • Organizational Communication 
    • International Business Law

    Stepping Stone 4

    • International Marketing 
    • Issues in Global Media 
    • International Organizations
    • Performance Measurement and Evaluation 
    • World Political Affairs Since 1919
    • Strategic Management and Planning 
    • Human Resources Management 
    • International Banking and Finance 
    • Operations and Project Management 
    • Capstone Project 


    The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. 

    Last updated Dec 2020

    About the School

    The University of Business and International Studies is a dynamic university in the fields of Business and International Relations. The UBIS DNA is composed of three main factors: Real World Experienc ... Read More

    The University of Business and International Studies is a dynamic university in the fields of Business and International Relations. The UBIS DNA is composed of three main factors: Real World Experience, Individual Attention and International Perspective. UBIS keeps a close eye on the evolving needs of the marketplace and is constantly adapting its course content and methodologies to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and transferable skills to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of work. Read less