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    Bachelor in Business


    Program Description

    In the University of Findlay’s College of Business, you will learn by doing through our emphasis on experiential learning. You will work with community partners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations to solve real business problems with real business solutions.

    Pride in Education

    Problem-Based Learning

    Engage in problem-based learning, which fosters critical and integrative thinking skills that are valuable to achieving career success.

    Real-World Experience

    Solving real business problems with real business solutions by working with community partners and small business owners.

    ​Dedicated Faculty

    Benefit from small class sizes with professors who bring years of industry experience and are dedicated to helping you reach your career goals.

    I want to specialize in

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Accounting Emphasis

    A degree in accounting opens the door to career opportunities in all areas of business, government, and not-for-profits both locally and internationally. ​

    Accounting is essential to all public, private, and governmental entities. It is practiced in every organization and enterprise in the world, and accountants play a key role. Students who choose to study accounting at the University of Findlay graduate with more than just a basic understanding of accounting - they understand the business as a whole. They earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting, which provides them with the foundational skills and in-depth knowledge required to be successful in the world of business.  

    ​​​Economics Emphasis​​

    ​​​Economists monitor the global, national, and regional economy using data to identify inflection points and changes in trends. 

    Economists conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts. They also research a wide variety of issues including energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, and employment levels, among others. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Economics Emphasis​ and are prepared to pursue a variety of careers in business and government.

    Finance Emphasis​

    Studying finance at the University of Findlay will provide you with the skills you need to succeed in a field that is essential in all industries.

    An important aspect of running a company is having a clear understanding of available resources and a product’s return on investment (ROI). Financial experts help to determine ​cash flow, analyze ROI, and calculate future fiscal pitfalls. Strong interpersonal skills and an aptitude for working with numbers are among the most important qualifications for careers in finance.​

    The finance emphasis is designed to help students develop an extensive analytical perspective. You will analyze the objectives, functions, and practices of economic areas of public and governmental finance, financial statement analysis, and optimal financial decision-making. Upon completion of the finance emphasis, you will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Finance Emphasis ​and be prepared to pursue a variety of careers. ​

    ​​Hospitality Management Emphasis​

    If you're thinking about pursuing a career in hospitality, the time is now! 

    Lodging, food and beverage, and event planning make hospitality the largest industry in the world and it continues to grow in the U.S. and globally. This ever-growing field provides unlimited career opportunities for successful graduates.

    The Hospitality Management Emphasis at the University of Findlay will prepare you to work in a variety of settings such as hotels, restaurants, catering, private clubs, and event management. Our program will expose you to all facets of the hospitality industry and the many exciting career paths that will be available to you. 

    Human Resource Management Emphasis​​

    As a Human Resource Management student at Findlay, you will get practical firsthand experiences working through the complexities of meeting both the needs of employees and the organization.​

    The Human Resource (HR) Management Emphasis at the University of Findlay provides students with the skills and experience needed to become successful in a variety of industries. You will learn how to design and implement effective HR management systems that handle employee selection, promotions, compensation, and benefits throughout the operation of any enterprise. HR management students​ learn additional aspects that are crucial to being effective in the human resources field such as the "stakeholder concept" which enables you to make informed decisions that are moral and ethical and relate to the corporate atmosphere.

    ​International Business Emphasis​

    Prepare yourself for global opportunities in almost any industry by studying International Business at Findlay!​

    The business world is constantly changing. It is full of diversity with corporations doing business beyond their borders to expand operations and production. There is a need to not only understand new cultures but effectively conduct business for the benefit of everyone. This has led to many new career opportunities locally as well as internationally.

    International business is a great area to distinguish yourself in the corporate world. In the global marketplace, it is necessary to understand multi-cultural differences. Being successful within one’s own country is great, but internationally you experience a whole new world of challenges. Customs and business etiquette are vastly different and a simple misunderstanding could mean the end of a business relationship. 

    ​​​Management Emphasis​

    Specializing​​​ in management creates the foundations of knowledge and personal capability needed for career-long success in business leadership.​

    Today's dynamic and highly competitive corporations demand energetic and confident leaders who can add value and generate high performance at all levels of business responsibility. ​​​Competitive knowledge advantage is the ultimate goal of the business programs at the University of Findlay. The flexibility of our programs reflects the ever-changing world of business.

    At the University of Findlay, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Management Emphasis​. The required courses ensure a variety of experiences. You will engage in individual leadership and emotional intelligence assessments, case analyses, research projects, team-based active learning projects, and guest speakers, in addition to traditional classroom activities and discussions. This major places a strong emphasis on written and oral communication skills, teamwork, and personal initiative. 

    Students who complete our program have the opportunity to make a smooth transition into the University of Findlay's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program upon graduation.

    ​​​​Marketing Emphasis​

    Marketing is more than advertising and promotional items, it is about understanding, developing, and promoting a brand. 

    Finding ways to make products and services shine in the spotlight can be exciting and challenging. Marketers work to increase brand engagement, sales, and return on investments for the organizations that employ them. Learning to look at things from the customers’ points of view is extremely valuable for any business person in any organization. Regardless of what a company sells, whether it's a product or service and no matter how big the business is, marketing is a vital business function.

    ​​​​​Operations​ and Logistics Emphasis

    Operations and logistics professionals ensure quality products and services are provided to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.​

    Every company, regardless of size, must create procedures to efficiently process goods and services from the original request to the point of delivery and beyond. At the University of Findlay, students learn a broad range of skills that pertain to business capabilities and operations. Operations and logistics students learn how to plan, design, implement, manage, and support activities for virtually any industry.   

    ​​​​​​​​Sport Business Strategy Emphasis​

    Sport Business Strategy at the University of Findlay is a highly dynamic program focused on hands-on learning. 

    The sport and event industry continues to grow in all aspects. Sports and entertainment are merging to create employment opportunities that require business fundamentals along with specialized knowledge.

    Entertainment, sporting, and event management are among the second-largest group of employers in the U.S. and the largest in the world. This area employs two out of every 10 people and accounts for more than seven percent of the world’s gross national product. Closely allied with the hospitality industries, sports business strategy has become a growing area of interest for many businesses worldwide.​

    Advance Your Career with an MBA

    At Findlay, you can earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in as short as one year. Courses can be completed fully online, on-campus, or in a hybrid of both. 

    Center for Student Life and the College of Business Building

    The new Center for Student Life and the College of Business Building opened in the fall of 2017. This building is utilized by all colleges of the University for students to learn, network, and engage. The second-floor houses all College of Business classrooms, learning spaces and conference rooms, faculty offices, and more. 

    Imagine a place where students from any of the colleges of the University of Findlay can come together to learn and interact on a personal level. Within the mission of the University of Findlay to equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers, our vision for the new Center for Student Life and College of Business building will enhance our community, stimulate innovation inside and outside the classroom and transform our students into graduates ready to be ethical, productive members of a global society.

    What Does the New Building Do?

    • Mark a turning point in the way that students experience the University of Findlay.
    • Offer flexible areas for networking, leadership development, and campus life.
    • Bring living and learning closer together.
    • Engage students in interactive learning.
    • Draw students, faculty, community members and alumni together for social gatherings, engaging lectures, and cultural events.
    Last updated Aug 2020

    About the School

    The University of Findlay is a flexible, forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways to better serve students and the community. In today’s fast-paced world, Findlay is continually ada ... Read More

    The University of Findlay is a flexible, forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways to better serve students and the community. In today’s fast-paced world, Findlay is continually adapting programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of current students who are preparing for tomorrow’s careers. Read less